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Western Soul: The New Album

Western Soul - Todd AdelmanIf the Flying Burrito Brothers were all grown up, fronted by Guy Clark, and produced by Levon Helm, you’d almost have something like Todd Adelman’s new record, “Western Soul.” I’ve known Todd for almost 25 years, and I’ve heard just about everything he’s written over that time. Ernest Hemingway said that he “writes one page of masterpiece to 91 pages of shit.” I’ve watched Todd fill up more than a few wastebaskets. A bunch of the stuff that didn’t end up there found its way on to this album…

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About Todd Adelman

Todd AdelmanTodd Adelman’s forthcoming 2024 release Western Soul, is a fourteen-song prescription for what ails The American Dream. It’s as if Adelman has checked the vitals, extracted a little blood & scrutinized our diet of political chaos, rampant illness & overwhelming violence & recommended something honest & straight from the gut. Western Soul is a batch of songs borne right out of the American Songwriting Tradition. An homage & a tribute to all those great records we know & love & feel like have been with us from the start.

Like the mythical country singer Bad Blake says, “that’s the way it is with the good ones, you’re sure you’ve heard ‘em before”. &, like his predecessors, Petty & Kristofferson & Prine, Adelman is a Keeper of the Keys. An honest Rock ‘n’ Roller. A Country Gentleman. A Storyteller. Straight to the heart. Without pretension or meanness, just an interest in writing a song. A good one. & that’s what Adelman does over & over again.

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